November 21, 2014

Israel's Hidden Ancient Facts: Generation 5800

Israel's Hidden Ancient Facts: Generation 5800

Generation 5800

Israel's history suggests a key to peace is a swift end to its aberrant two-state solution and the adoption of the suitable alternative. In proposing such I do not suggest one can trace a biblical lineage to non-Jewish occupiers living between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea, rather a behavioral linkage to the present sorry state of Israel’s Jewish sovereignty.

Avraham’s monotheism unified his mission spiritually and practically. On arrival in the parched land God promised him and his descendants, he could clearly see there was work to do and when he encountered Noah’s son Shem or Melchizedek, he revived knowledge of his cultural descendant's.  But, he did not stay in the land, he traveled further south to Egypt where he negotiated Shem’s territorial rights with Shem’s brother, Egypt’s first pharaoh Khem/Cham or Ham. Hagar, Cham’s daughter was provided to Avraham as pharaoh’s collateral an acknowledgment of Shem’s plea. On Avraham’s return to his promised land, he struck a treaty with Cham’s descendant Avi Melech - The Father King. The two-state deal precluded Avraham banishing Avi Melech’s living relatives from Azah (Gaza), Hevron (in the West Bank) and Salem (Jerusalem).

After Yitzchak was born to Avraham and Sarah, Sarah’s patience with Hagar, pharaoh’s collateral came to an abrupt end, she kicked her and son Ishmael (to Avraham) out of her camp. While Avraham was prepared to negotiate, a political and diplomatic treaty using the land God promised, Sarah was not., she had no intention of complicating Yitzchak’s right of inheritance any further than Avraham had already done. After Sarah passed away (aged 127) during the moments Avraham offered his son as a sacrifice (Akeidat Yitzchak) at Mount Moriah, he traveled back to Hevron  where he negotiated to buy the plot at Machpela where she was buried. Then Avraham turned his attention to marrying Yitzchak, making sure his future wife came from the lineage of Sarah’s family. Yitzchak married Rivka who filled the tent of her mother in law while he played double down diplomacy, politically extending his fathers two-state covenant of peace to Avi Melech's future descendants.

Rivkah bore son’s Yaakov and Eisav and struggled hard to maintain and establish Sarah’s progeny. On Yaakov’s return from the land of Sarah’s family, where he married his wives and established his family and fortune, he first traveled back to Mount Moriah. At the site of Akeidat Yitzchak he began to execute a previous covenant he made at the same site. Before he left the Promised Land he promised - The stone which I have set as a covenant will be the House of God.” While attempting to build the House of God,  Rivkah passed away, Yaakov abruptly left the site to bury his mother in Hevron, she was 127 years old. Tragically, on the way his first love, wife, Rachel passed away during the birth of their 13th child Binyamin. Years later the family were exiled to Egypt from their home in Shechem (Nablus).

Because of Avraham and Yitzchak’s aberrant two-state covenants on the land, Yaakov’s promise and covenant is yet to be fulfilled. Two previous House of God attempts to build and maintain temples at Temple Mount, the worlds most contested real-estate failed. Finally we live in the generations that are capable of realizing Yaakov’s dream, however Jewish self inflicted struggle over Sarah’s sovereign view must be rectified. Although Avraham merited a child only because he compassionately prayed that Avi Melech have a child, Jews must not fall victim to the heady Utopian passions of Avraham and Yitzchak. Instead they must follow the doggedly, determined, materialistic visions of Sarah and Rivkah. If Abraham had simply stayed in the land, things would have been different!

The Hebrew year 5800 is 25 years ahead, this is the right time to realize Yaakov’s vision. I hold a view that the worlds most hotly contested real-estate may yet hold some surprises, that the first two temples were built in the wrong places, higher up the mountain, but the right place is on its neck. However, the focus for now is Sarah’s sovereign view, whether Jews sell out or stick to her program depends on their constant mindfulness. Jerusalem 5800 proposes and demands It become a World City, one that has been planned during the past four years by more than 40 consultants. Its more than 400 pages are built on the foundation of the Israeli and City government and the bureaucracy’s existing plans.

In the lead up to Israel's next election, the 5800 plan will inspire serious questions about a divided or united Jerusalem by which politicians will be blessed or plagued. But, building the city is part plan that cannot happen until the mental adjustment over Jewish sovereignty is made. Ask yourself whether you are ready to uphold mother Sarahs’ sovereign view and what is the modern context? A modern Jewish nation cannot condone a land that divides people and denies them reasonable representation, but two-states is still being used to divert Jews and those persuaded by aberrant covenants. Meanwhile poverty in Jerusalem is running at 37% while benefactors feed social injustices for the benefit of their brand insurgency. Economic prosperity is Israel’s most advanced anti-terror weapon, but unskilled labor supply remains low and must be accelerated. To rebuild we must be serious about the financial sustainability that ancient Jewish culture provides to industries like tourism.
Democracy is no friend of Jewish sovereignty especially if Israel extends citizenship to all non-Jews living West of the Jordan River. Therefore, it must ensure its Jewish sovereign future ultimately modifying its government structure before it provides all people resident alien status, a path to citizenship and the vote. The 70 elders that once represented the Jewish community prevailed over a hierarchy of community captains of 1000’s, 100’s, 50’s and 10’s. Israel’s national government still incorporates some equivalence to this framework found in the in elected City Rabbi’s that obtain their status through community synagogues and Mayors of cities nationwide. I believe this framework can eventually be elevated by a national referendum to establish a bicameral parliamentary equivalent, Israel’s future senate. At such time in the future a senate of elected Rabbi’s can represent Israel’s community interest by approving the law’s of the country. Once authoritative, they can also obtain the mantle to modify and converge Talmudic law to develop it consistently with Israel’s state law so that only one body of law eventually governs all citizens of the nation.

As the world around Israel implodes Jews must remain focused on Sarah’s vision, she had it right, only one owner, one land.  Through her, Rivkah and Jacob’s wives Leah and Rachel, Israel's Jews remain grounded to achieve their collective destiny. Each must find a way to participate, get involved, sharpen and strengthen their views for the home stretch. One way to do that is to sign up at Jerusalem5800 on Facebook or the web.

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