November 19, 2014

Difficult Times

We are in very difficult times. It is very hard to express our feelings during the most recent events in Eretz Yisrael. But we must remain strong and trust that Hashem knows what He is doing 100%. We can not understand what is going on, the loss, the families, oy oy oy.
We must feel their pain and cry out to Hashem for His rachamim on us. Ask Hashem to please protect us around the world and especially in Eretrz Yisrael. We are in galus and waiting for Mashiach at any moment, to take us out of this DARK GALUS we are in. Here are some things to do as we are waiting bkarov to be taken HOME.

1. Increase in our chesed for each other.
2. Say Tehillim
3. Daven Harder with more kavana
4. Don't talk in Shul
5. Work on understanding ''EIN OD MILVADO'' and how we will be protected from harmful forces.
6. Answer Amen and Amen Yehi Shmei Raba with more Kavana
7. Find time for learning extra.
8. Tell Hashem ''you love Him'' at least once a day.
9. Learn Mishnayos
10. Give tzdaka
and most of all work on building a stronger relationship with Hashem our creator.
Get seforim that help you work on your emunah and bitachon.
1. Garden of Emunah-Rav Arush
2. Living with Emunah- Rav Ashear
Buy it, get it, read it, it will change your life. Or get a sefer that you know will help.
Let's not let the yetzer harah fool us into thinking Hashem is not with us or hurting with us during this galus. Becauase He is and He will never leave us. Just call out to Him in your own words tell Him how you feel and that you need His loving compassionate help.
Text/call/email 'I need chizuk' any time to get a chizuk. 347-846-8085
Let's help each other, and be
Kish eched Blev echad.

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