January 21, 2016

Why I Am Supporting Mike Huckabee

I love Sarah Palin and we all owe her a debt for taking the abuse and standing up to the establishment many times. 

Now that the race has seemed to tighten, I have decided to support Governor Mike Huckabee I am supporting him even though I disagree strongly with some of his positions as I am strongly in support of the 10th Amendment and states rights and he is less so on some social issues. But I am supporting him for several reasons.

 1. He is an adult in his demeanor. As a Jew, I have strong prohibition against Lashon Hora (negative speech, gossip, etc) and Mike seems to be careful about what he says. 

2. He was governor of Arkansas for, I think, about 10 years, and has great administrative experience so I know that if he is in the Oval Office from day one he will know how to start managing the government and change the terrible direction it is currently going in.

 3. He is very clear and unapologetic about fighting evil.

 4. He knows from long experience on how to fight the Clinton machine. 

5. He is a very good speaker and when given the opportunity does well in debates and all public speaking. 

6. He has been clear that he will not allow personal politics to stop him from supporting whoever the Repub nominee is, that to me is being an adult. 

7. His Fair Tax has a reasonable chance of being done, and even though I am more supportive a flat tax, I know that Huck understands the poor and middle class need some tax relief and that we can do it without demonizing folks that are very wealthy. His Fair Tax will eliminate the payroll tax which will great for the economy. 

Finally, I think he is a man who really knows who he is, knows he must listen to everyone and not be arrogant, and I think he can relate to most Americans, even those that have many different political views. 

Now, at this time it does not look hopeful for his nomination. But, things can change quickly, I think we all know that.