February 20, 2015

Need This Very Very Desperately!!!

We need to constantly turn to Hashem for all of our needs.
He is in control, and is always with us, no matter what.
Don't let the yetzer harah fool you into thinking Hashem is not holding you with love every second of every day.
Just knowing that Hashem is there for you should make you smile, be happy, and calm.

Who can think for even a fleeting moment that he has any say in what goes on in the world, or even in his own life?  We cannot even begin to fathom Hashem's wisdom; can we ever imagine exerting more control than He?  Hashem conceals Himself in our world, and it therefore appears as though we "call the shots."  This, too, is part of Hashem's greatness.  He gets everything done in this world, but hides behind the veil of nature.  And because of this concealment, we need to constantly reinforce our belief that He exerts complete control over our lives.  The more we recognize this, the more we will direct our efforts toward pleasing Him, the more we will turn to Him when we need something, and the more we will appreciate and thank Him for all the blessings in our lives.

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