November 01, 2013

Tactics for Winning

The Snitch's rules of Governance:
1. When you have the majority, govern!
2. When you do not have the majority, control the debate.
3. When you cannot control the debate, control the terms of the debate.
4. If you cannot control the terms of the debate, spread political blood all over the floor of the chamber by pointing out the disastrous track record of the opposition.
The Snitch's Rules of Engagement:
1. When the enemy goes nuclear, you go thermo-nuclear.
2. The enemy offers no quarter, give them none.
3. Always make the enemy fight on ground of your choosing.
4. Lay traps for the enemy and don't hesitate to spring those traps.
5. Never let an enemy mistake go unexploited.
6. When the enemy says "Call off the dogs", open the rest of the kennels.
7. Never surrender, never give up, never quit.
8. Use tactical withdrawals to lure the enemy into the open,
9. Always negotiate from a position of strength.
10. Compromise is only used to achieve incremental victory, never a means of incremental surrender.

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